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To ensure our restaurant is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we focus on making our establishment accessible and inclusive. We have accessible entrances and exits.  Inside, our seating includes tables with clear space beneath for wheelchair access, and we ensure our restrooms have wide doors, grab bars, accessible sinks, and ample turning space. Additionally, we maintain pathways that are at least 36 inches wide and free from obstructions, both inside and outside the restaurant.

We provide designated accessible parking spaces close to the entrance, clearly marked for easy identification. Our staff is trained to accommodate customers with service animals and to understand their rights. Furthermore, we're committed to effective communication, ensuring our team can interact comfortably with customers with various disabilities, whether visual, auditory, or cognitive.

Staff training remains essential to us so that we can foster a supportive and respectful environment. We strive to fully understand and meet ADA requirements while providing courteous and inclusive service. By following these practices, our restaurant aims to be a welcoming and accessible place for all customers.

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